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Moldex Medium - Large N95 Hi-Vis Disposable Particulate Respirator With Molded Nose Bridge And Dura-Mesh Shell - Meets NIOSH, ANSI And ISEA Standards

Moldex-Metric Inc.

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Minimum Purchase Quantity: 20 Each

The Moldex 2200N95HV Hi-Vis Particulate Respirator makes the supervisor's job easier. The 2200N95HV makes workers stand out in a crowd, so supervisors can make quick and easy compliance checks. The Hi-Vis mask also creates a safer working environment for the workers. Whether workers are in a high traffic, low traffic, or no traffic area, the Hi-Vis maks will help them get noticed by potential hazards. The Dura-Mesh shell on the outside of the mask protects the filter media an increases the life of the respirator by making the mask more durable. The inner layer of Dura-Mesh resists collapsing in regular use and even under hot and humid conditions. Any way you look at it; the Dura-Mesh shell saves you money because workers use fewer masks. Several design innovations make the 2200N95HV one of the most comfortable masks on the market. The contour molded nose bridge gives workers a comfortable seal that conforms to the contours of their face. Softspun inner lining and a soft foam nose cusion take the comfort level up a notch.


Meets heat and flame resistance in accordance with ANSI/ISEA 110-2003 Section 7.11.1. Meets NIOSH 42CFR84 Standard



Follow all instructions and warnings on the use of this respirator and wear during all tiems of exposure. Failure to do so will reduce respirator effectiveness, wearer protection and may result in sickness or death. Before use, the user must first be trained by the employer in proper respirator use, in accordance with applicable safety and health standards, for the contaminant and exposure level in the assigned work area. The paticulates and other contaminants which can be dangerous to your health include those which you cannot see, taste or smell. Do Not Use Against: Concentrations of contaminants which are unknown or are immediately dangerous to life or health Concentrations of particulates which exceed the maximum use concentration of 10 times the OSHA Permissible Exposure Limit, which ever is lower. Gases, vapors, asbestos, paint spray, sandblasting or particulate materials which generate harmful vapors. Oil-based mists.


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